Promoting High-Performing Off-Grid Appliances

How test methods, quality standards and labeling might be used to promote energy efficiency in off- and weak-grid appropriate appliances


High-quality, energy-efficient off-grid appliances are essential to ensuring consumer protection and overall health as markets mature. While progress has been made to develop test methods and standards for use in off-grid settings, additional steps may be needed at both the national and international level as the sector evolves. In its first-ever policy brief, Efficiency for Access explores how test methods, quality standards, and labeling might be used to promote energy efficiency and quality in off- and weak-grid appropriate appliances. While written for policymakers, this brief is also a suitable resource for any organization committed to sourcing and championing quality products, including development agencies, bulk procurers, and microfinance institutions, as well as industry stakeholders and associations engaged in policy advocacy work.

This work was supported by the UK Department for International Development as part of the ‘Low Energy Inclusive Appliances’ (LEIA) programme.


Efficiency for Access. (2019). Promoting High-Performing Off-Grid Appliances.

Promoting High-Performing Off-Grid Appliances

Published 30 June 2019