Promoting adherence to tuberculosis treatment.


Tuberculosis (TB) is a good test of a health system: addressing the problem requires the use of laboratories and X-rays, the input of skilled clinicians, a reliable supply of drugs, the use of health education, the provision of continuity of care as well as good follow-up and information systems. WHO’s DOTS strategy has helped improve outcomes in TB in many ways: new resources have been channelled towards TB control programmes, drug supplies and information systems have been strengthened and targets have been set. The strategy has helped ensure that national governments take notice of TB control efforts in their countries and also that advances have been made in the coverage and quality of TB control globally.


Garner, P.; Smith, H.; Munro, S.; Volmink, J. Promoting adherence to tuberculosis treatment. Bulletin of the World Health Organization (2007) 85 (5) 404-406.

Promoting adherence to tuberculosis treatment.

Published 1 January 2007