Programmed cell death in trypanosomatids


It has generally been assumed that apoptosis and other forms of programmed cell death evolved to regulate growth and development in multicellular organisms. However, recent work has shown that some parasitic protozoa have evolved a cell suicide pathway analogous to the process described as apoptosis in metazoa. In this review, Susan Welburn, Marcello Barcinski and Gwyn Williams discuss the possible implications of a cell suicide pathway in the vector-borne Trypanosomatids.


Barcinski, M.A.; Welburn, S.C.; Williams, G.T. Programmed cell death in trypanosomatids. Parasitology Today (1997) 13 (1) 22-26. [DOI: 10.1016/S0169-4758(96)10076-4]

Programmed cell death in trypanosomatids

Published 1 January 1997