Practical Answers: A platform for knowledge sharing


Access to knowledge and knowledge sharing are critical factors in the success of development projects, but very often people who need knowledge either don't know that knowledge resources exist or cannot access or understand them. Over the years a wealth of knowledge and learning has been developed and collected by Practical Action. These knowledge materials can be accessed through its services known as Practical Answers. Information is provided free of charge to those working to reduce poverty in developing countries such as development practitioners, non-governmental organizations, community groups and small-scale entrepreneurs. This knowledge-sharing initiative attempts to stimulate a positive impact on the livelihoods of its target audiences in the South - farmers, smallholders, marginalized social groups. It uses multiple information sources and communication channels, contextualizes technical information, acts as a broker and quality assuror for information from diverse sources, and seeks feedback from users about the appropriateness and impact of the information. The water and sanitation sector is a significant knowledge and information services area for Practical Answers.


Cartridge, R.; Noble, N.; Mikolajuk, Z. Practical Answers: A platform for knowledge sharing. Waterlines (2008) 27 (2) 125-137. [DOI: 10.3362/1756-3488.2008.015]

Published 1 January 2008