Poverty, Livelihoods and HPAI - A Review.


This review has three objectives: (i) to extract information relating to poverty and livelihoods from a selection of published and unpublished literature on HPAI impact; (ii) to identify gaps in this information; and (iii) to summarise messages that emerge from the literature around pro-poor HPAI risk-reduction strategies. In this way, it will contribute towards future livelihoods-related research, as well as inform relevant decision-makers about livelihoods and poverty considerations that should be addressed in sector development, policy formulation and assistance programming.

In Asia and North Africa, the reviewed literature covers: Viet Nam; Cambodia; Lao; Indonesia; Thailand, Turkey and Egypt. In Africa it has covered Nigeria and Ethiopia, (in the case of Ethiopia the impact assessment is speculative). Annex 2 provides a list of all documents reviewed, together with comments on their relevance to livelihoods and poverty-related analysis.


Mekong Team Working Paper No. 1. 41 pp.

Poverty, Livelihoods and HPAI - A Review.

Published 1 January 2008