Possibilities to increase stress tolerance of wheat.


Agricultural production is limited primarily by environmental stresses among those the most important is water deficiency. The safety of wheat production requires the propagation of drought tolerant cultivars. Hybridization between related species makes it possible to transfer desirable traits from one species into another. Barley - known to have good drought tolerance - is a potential gene source for wheat improvement. Lines developed from wheat/barley hybrids were investigated to determine how the added barley chromosomes (segments) influence drought tolerance in wheat. Data were obtained for anthesis- and maturity date, plant height, root/shoot ratio and components of grain yield. On the basis of our data new lines with valuable agronomic traits can be selected which could be used in wheat breeding programs and consequently in wheat production.


Cereal Research Communications (2009) 37. Supplement: 93-96. [DOI: 10.1556/95 CRC.37.2009.Suppl.2]

Possibilities to increase stress tolerance of wheat.

Published 1 January 2009