Policy Levers in Nigeria.


This paper examines the policy making process in Nigeria with a view to locating the major actors and the nature of their interaction in the policy process. Guided by the framework which puts the state at the centre of the development process and ipso facto a contested terrain where various social forces contend for ascendancy, the paper focuses on the actors and institutions that various groups have used to gain access to the state in order to canvass their interests. These includes both statutory and ad hoc formal institutions and actors at the federal, state and local government levels as well as non-state bodies who have been influential in public policy making. The paper also identifies informal actors who are also critical to public policy even though they seem to be outside the province of official policy sphere. It finally outlines modalities for the engagement of this array of actors and bodies in the CRISE programme which aims at generating information that might help in preventing violent conflicts in Nigeria.


CRISE Policy Context Paper 2, Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity, Oxford, UK, 32 pp.

Policy Levers in Nigeria.

Published 1 January 2003