PN59 Final Report. Nile Basin Focal Project.


The Nile basin experiences wide spread poverty, lack of food and land and water degradation. Because poverty is linked to access to water for crop, fish and livestock based livelihoods, improving access to water and increasing agricultural water productivity can potentially contribute substantially to poverty reduction. The major goal of the Nile Basin Focal project is to identify high potential investments that reduce poverty yet reverse trends in land and water degradation. This is done through the implementation of six interlinked work packages allowing us to examine water availability, access, use, productivity, institutions and their linkages to poverty. Important in the Nile BFP is knowledge management and the uptake of results for ultimate impact.


Abdel Neguid, M.; Mukherji, A.; van Breugel, P.; Cascão, A.; Coniff, K.; El-Naggar, G.; Kinyangi, J.; Molden, D.; Notenbaert, A.; Seyoum Demise, S.; Peden, D.; Rebelo, L.M.; Awulachew, S.B.; Mohamed, Y. PN59 Final Report. Nile Basin Focal Project. The CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2009) 149 pp.

PN59 Final Report. Nile Basin Focal Project.

Published 1 January 2009