PN55 Final Report. Basin Focal Project Volta


CPWF Basin Focal Projects (BFPs) are designed to perform two functions: (1) provide whole-basin assessments of water availability, poverty, food security, and water productivity, and (2) examine water-related institutional and technical interventions, to ascertain the extent to which they might contribute to poverty reduction, resilient livelihoods, and environmental conservation. A first round of BFPs was implemented in the basins of the Karkheh, Mekong, São Francisco and Volta Rivers. This paper summarizes some emerging results from the Volta BFP. In the Volta BFP, hydrological and water allocation models were used to analyze basinwide options for water management in different climate change scenarios. National economies rely heavily on agriculture, which contributes 30-40% of GDP. Crop modeling was used to identify factors limiting water productivity as the farming systems change in response to decreasing and more unreliable rainfall as one moves from south to north across the Basin.


CPWF Project Report series, Challenge Programon Water and Food, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 66p.

PN55 Final Report. Basin Focal Project Volta

Published 1 January 2008