PLOW learning resource: Disaster risk reduction.


This is one of a number of PLOW learning resources designed to support the professional development of DFID livelihoods advisers. Each learning resource comprises an overview of the subject in a briefing note; key texts; a summary of recent policy debates; points on where to find other resources; and a glossary of key terms used in the briefing note. This briefing note defines disaster risk reduction and explores its relevance to livelihoods, with reference to broader approaches addressing chronic food security and social safety nets. It looks at how disaster risk reduction is put into practice and examines how development processes can be made more resilient to the potential impacts of disasters. It outlines DFID’s and other organisations’ work in disaster risk reduction, including the links with climate change adaptation. The briefing note then describes a number of key policy areas that are currently under debate regarding aspects of disaster risk reduction.

This resource was produced by the Programme of Advisory and Support Services (PASS) in partnership with Livelihoods Connect at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). PASS was a Resource Centre for Livelihoods Advisers that was funded by DFID and managed by HTSPE Limited. The Resource Centre closed in 2007.


Lockwood, H.; Coghlan, O. PLOW learning resource: Disaster risk reduction. Programme of Advisory and Support Services (PASS), Hemel Hempstead, UK (2005) 16 pp.

Published 1 January 2005