Physical changes in stored bulk rice


Moisture content (m.c., wet basis) and temperature were monitored in two 100 tonne steel silos filled with brown rice during two eight-month storage trials in a sub-tropical climate. One silo was uninsulated. In the first trial measurements indicated considerable m.c. increases at certain locations in the silos, about 7% m.c. at the top surfaces of the rice in both silos and 3% m.c. and 1% m.c. at the north walls of the uninsulated and insulated silos respectively. Bulk aeration and headspace ventilation were applied during the second trial, and m.c. increases were then never more than 2% m.c.


Gough, M.C.; Cheigh, H.S.; Kim, S.K.; Kwon, T.W. Physical changes in stored bulk rice. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research (1987) 37 (3-4) 59-71. [DOI: 10.1016/S0021-8634(87)80005-7]

Physical changes in stored bulk rice

Published 1 January 1987