Pharmacopoeia Monograph on Artemisinin


This presentation discusses different methods for quantifying artemisinin in plant biomass and extracts, and considers their limitations and possible improvements based on a recent study funded in part by MMV. It is concluded that separation of minor interfering impurities cannot be guaranteed by the current HPLC-UV method, that there is potential for improving current methods, and that new methods should be considered. See also the article about the study.


Khambay, B.P.S. Pharmacopoeia Monograph on Artemisinin. Presented at WHO/MMV Artemisinin Conference 2009 - Ensuring Sustainable API Supply to Meet Global ACT Demand. Mumbai, India, 28-30 September 2009. Medicines For Malaria Venture, Geneva, Switzerland (2009) 33 pp.

Pharmacopoeia Monograph on Artemisinin

Published 1 January 2009