Pests and Diseases of Coffee in Eastern Africa: A Technical and Advisory Manual


This manual covers 5 pest and 5 disease constraints affecting coffee. These were identified and prioritized by participants at a Coffee Research Network (CORNET) Regional Coffee Stakeholders' Workshop held in Nairobi in October, 2004. For each, the manual provides a description to help with constraint diagnosis and identification of the causal organism. Information is provided on their importance (e.g. economic importance, coffee types affected), geographic occurrence, biology and ecology (including survival, spread and life cycle of the causal organism) and on known approaches to management. These are supported by photographic illustrations principally of the organisms and the symptoms they induce on coffee. Detailed descriptions of the morphology of the relevant fungal and insect organisms is also provided, although this is intended more for the benefit of those who already have some knowledge and experience of these aspects and who also have access to microscopes and other equipment required to observe the organisms in detail. The manual has been produced in a user friendly format, principally to meet the needs of service providers, including agricultural extension. However, it may also be suitable for direct consultation by some farmers.

Where possible, an integrated approach to pest and disease management (IPM), involving use of a combination of cultural, biological and/or chemical measures should be considered and followed. Such an approach has advantages in terms of, for example: avoiding or minimising use of chemical pesticides that are often costly and also damaging to other organisms, man and the environment; promoting crop growth and vigour, thereby helping plants to tolerate pest damage and fight off infections; and helping to maintain biodiversity and utilise natural organisms against those organisms responsible for pest and disease outbreaks. For each pest and disease included in the manual, the various management measures known are addressed in order to facilitate development of an IPM approach. Where appropriate, control measures recommended in eastern Africa are incorporated, along with measures applied elsewhere that may be applicable to the region.


CABI, Wallingford, UK, 69 pp.

Pests and Diseases of Coffee in Eastern Africa: A Technical and Advisory Manual

Published 1 January 2006