PERI Review 2001-2004: Enhancing Access to Research Information in Developing Countries


During 1999/2000 the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) was asked by research partners and librarians from developing and transitional countries for assistance in information production, access and dissemination utilising information and communication technologies (ICTs). Following significant consultation, the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) was created. The immediate objectives of the programme are to:

• facilitate the acquisition of international information and knowledge;
• improve dissemination of national and regional research;
• provide awareness or training in the use, evaluation and management of electronic information and communication technologies;
• enhance skills in the preparation, production and management of journals.

After three years of activity a review has been undertaken. The review took a participatory, capacity strengthening approach and was designed and implemented by key stakeholders, including those implementing the programme at country level, programme participants, programme funders and INASP staff.

Five areas were examined:

  1. Relevance. Do PERI's current components meet the needs of the research community, and are they complementary, appropriate, relevant and effective?
  2. Usage. Are PERI services and resources being used and why/how?
  3. Management. Is PERI being managed and structured in an effective way? i.e. roles of and relationships among INASP, country programmes, stakeholders, funders, etc.
  4. Sharing. Are experiences and lessons being shared and learned?
  5. Sustainability. Are the activities currently supported by PERI becoming, or likely to become, sustainable within countries?

The review involved the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data via email questionnaires, interviews, country visits, in-country stakeholder meetings, observation, analysis of existing documentation and feedback at a global stakeholders review meeting.


38 pp.

PERI Review 2001-2004: Enhancing Access to Research Information in Developing Countries

Published 1 January 2006