Peace, Justice and the ICC in Africa. Meeting Series Report.


The International Criminal Court is the first permanent international institution established to investigate and prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Though it has a global mandate, the ICC's activities have been concentrated in Africa. A series of closed roundtable discussions and public meetings was orgainsed under the heading, 'Peace, Justice and the ICC in Africa,' to address some of the practical, ethical and legal dilemmas posed by the current work of the ICC. The main issues discussed during the series were: (1) The ICC's contribution to peace and stability in Africa; (2) The ICC's relationship with domestic governments and judiciaries; (3) The intersection between the ICC and community-based approaches to transitional justice; and (4) The role of the ICC in relation to victims and affected communities. The purpose of this report is to capture the diverse presentations and debates included in the series, and to contribute to ongoing discussions of the impact and challenges of the ICC's work in Africa.


Royal African Society; London, UK, 48 pp.

Peace, Justice and the ICC in Africa. Meeting Series Report.

Published 1 January 2008