Patna dissemination trip


Powerpoint presentation used at various local dissemination events in Patna, India to multiple stakeholders. Events included: Meeting with the Patna Police, 16 February 2012 Presentation of research results at the Global Bihar Summit, 17 February 2012 Participation in the Global Summit for a Changing Bihar, 17-19 February 2012 Presentations in the four slums where research was carried out, 20-21 February 2012 Presentation to DfID India, 23 February 2012 Policy dissemination workshop, India International Centre, New Delhi, 24 February 2012.


Rodgers, D.; Satija, S. Patna dissemination trip. Presented at Patna dissemination trip. (2012)

Patna dissemination trip

Published 1 January 2012