Pathways West Africa Synthesis Report 2006-2011


This report provides highlights of some of the activities and research undertaken over the past five years. The three countries, on which this research is focused, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, share a common colonial history and pre-independence nationalist collaborations, and present commonalities as well as important differences for studying the pathways which women collectively and individually have taken toward their empowerment. Women in all three countries have high fertility and high maternal mortality rates, and high labour force participation rates with marked levels of personal autonomy, but they have low visibility in current politics and decision-making structures at local and national levels. The Pathways of Women’s Empowerment RPC provided an opportunity for hub researchers to plan and conduct research on some common themes (policy processes and discourses on empowerment; work and changes and continuities in women’s everyday lives; popular culture; women in local governance structures), and to be in continuous dialogue and exchange with researchers in other hubs. The process, methodologies, findings and communication strategies continue to yield a rich harvest with implications for policy, theory, activism and further research.


Pathways West Africa. Pathways West Africa Synthesis Report 2006-2011. Pathways West Africa, Accra, Ghana (2011) 36 pp.

Pathways West Africa Synthesis Report 2006-2011

Published 1 January 2011