Partnership-based innovation helps break bad habits. Validated RNRRS Output.


This is one of 280 summaries describing key outputs from the projects run by DFID's 10-year Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy (RNRRS) programmes.

Associated with Projects R7502, R6306, R6641, R7494 and R7551. An innovation systems concept pioneered in India provides a new conceptual framework for improving the responsiveness of research to the needs of diverse technology users; the integration of research into the wider set of development activities; and the cultivation of practices that facilitate integration. Partnership is increasingly important for improving the use of research in development. Yet long-standing issues (habits, routines and practices) often make partnerships difficult to establish and sustain, keeping innovation from taking place. This conceptual framework is currently shaping a diversity of programmes. Investment in capacity strengthening will enable numerous organisations to apply the approaches effectively.

The CD has the following information for this output: Description, Validation, Current Situation, Environmental Impact. Attached PDF (9 pp.) taken from the CD.


CPH12, New technologies, new processes, new policies: tried-and-tested and ready-to-use results from DFID-funded research, Research Into Use Programme, Aylesford, Kent, UK, ISBN 978-0-9552595-6-2, p 112.

Published 1 January 2007