Participatory variety selection for salt tolerant rice


Breeders are habituated to develop rice varieties on the centralized breeding approach. Varieties recommended in this method are popular to farmers at favorable rice production systems and often they are not suitable for stressed soil like saline prone land. To develop varieties suitable for saline prone areas, farmers’ participation are directly involved to choice variety as they want. A large range of salt tolerant improved genotypes was grown in mother and baby system trials of participatory variety selection (PVS) at five coastal areas of Bangladesh. Experiments in farmers fields with farmers participation based on their needs has helped identify high yielding varieties for their lands. The success of PVS in the five coastal localities has convinced researchers and partner organizations to mirror the appreciation for this approach of rice variety development in risk prone environment. Among 234 genotypes the chosen five for both of Boro and T. Aman seasons of PVS were included in the national variety release system.


International Journal of Biological Research (2008) 4 (3) 21-25

Participatory variety selection for salt tolerant rice

Published 1 January 2008