Participatory Technology Development Training Report


A report is presented from a PTD training course held in January 2003 for communities in Kajulu and Kisumu East Locations, Winam Division, Kenya. The objectives were as follows:
1. To introduce the concept of Participatory Technology Development to the community, by inviting key members of the communities to the training.
2. To develop a cost effective chimney using locally available materials
3. To adapt and modify previous chimney designs from previous work in other communities to suit this particular community.
4. To initiate business contacts between the community members in need of interventions and artisans willing to undertake the work for a profit.


Annex 01 to Smoke, health and household energy, Volume 1: Participatory methods for design, installation, monitoring and assessment of smoke alleviation technologies, 4 pp.

Participatory Technology Development Training Report

Published 1 January 2003