Overseas Road Note 5: A guide to road project appraisal.


ORN5, 'A guide to road project appraisal', was first published in 1988 in order to provide guidance on carrying out feasibility studies for road projects in developing countries. Over time it has inevitably 'aged'. Today, the investment decision-making process (across all infrastructure) puts far more emphasis on environmental, social and poverty issues; there have also been developments in technologies and analytical techniques, as well as our understanding of how roads and bridges perform under given traffic and environmental conditions.

In updating the original ORN, this document addresses these shifts and developments, and presents a substantially revised text. The revision also presents more contextual material to give policymakers and advisors a clear overview of the process of road appraisal, and what should be expected of a planning team. The importance of setting a feasibility study within the context of an overall transport strategy is strongly canvassed through the advocacy of adopting a project cycle process. The other major change concerns the removal of the worked examples; it was felt that these can be found in other sources, most notably text-books and tutorial materials for using appraisal software.


Overseas Road Note 5: A guide to road project appraisal, Transport Research Laboratory Ltd, Wokingham, UK, ISBN: 0-9543339-6-9, 145 pp.

Overseas Road Note 5: A guide to road project appraisal.

Published 1 January 2005