Opportunities and limitations in gliricidia.


The genus Gliricidia Kunth.comprises two species which are often confused because of the very similar appearance. This paper describes opportunities and limitations for the development of G. sepium (Jacq.) Walp., the more common species, which has been introduced to most parts of the tropics. The leaves of this spevies provide animal fodder of apparently high nutritive value, though they are toxic to some monogastric species, and unpalatable to ruminants in some countries. The wood has several uses.


In: Leucaena - opportunities and limitations in gliricidia, Indonesia, Bogor, 24-29 January 1994. Shelton, H.M., Piggin, C.M. and Brewbaker, J.L. (Eds.). pp. 35-38

Opportunities and limitations in gliricidia.

Published 1 January 1995