Operational Guidelines for Facility Level Monitoring Events on Community Based TB Care - DOTS.


This document describes two facility level events, inter-related but conducted separately, with different set of participants to achieve certain agreed outputs. These events are Cluster meeting and Facility Review and Plan Meeting.

The facility level monitoring has the pivotal role in the whole TB monitoring process. To make the facility level monitoring supportive of the district level events, the facility level monitoring need to focus on the management of individual TB cases attending the facility. Whereas, the district level monitoring generally focuses on the group of TB cases being managed at various facilities. Preliminary review of the district monitoring experiences showed that the current arrangements for the facility level monitoring lack the structure, guidelines and tools for achieving the desired outputs. This lack of structure has been leading to sub-optimal/inefficient use of potential opportunity. The Provincial TB Control Programme Punjab and an NGO partner have developed a more structured format for the facility level monitoring of TB control activities. These guidelines and tools will be evaluated and revised through piloting in selected districts of Punjab, before further scaling-up.

The objectives and outputs for the facility level monitoring process (including cluster as facility review/planning meeting) are outlined. Then arrangement of the facility level monitoring events is described in section 4. The details of cluster meeting and facility review/planning meeting are described in sections 5 and 6 respectively. The tools for recording the cluster meeting data and facility review/planning meeting actions are given in Appendices-A and B. [See also the later first edition of these guidelines].


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Operational Guidelines for Facility Level Monitoring Events on Community Based TB Care - DOTS.

Published 1 January 2007