Online Course in Science Journalism


The world's first online course in science journalism was launched by the World Federation of Science Journalists in 2008. The authors and translators of this course are experienced journalists and trainers from all continents. They cover major practical and conceptual issues in science journalism, for example: how to find and research stories, exposing false claims, how to pitch to an editor, turning crisis reporting to advantage and so forth - topics that are relevant to beginners in journalism as well as more experienced reporters and editors in all regions of the world.

The lessons are being taught and revised with participants of the WFSJ's Science Journalism Cooperation (SjCOOP) project.

The course is ready for use by professional journalists, journalism students and teachers. Each lesson consist of an e-lecture with examples, self-teaching questions, and assignments. Lesson 2 also has personal testimonies written by experienced journalists. The course is available in a number of different languages.


Online Course in Science Journalism

Published 1 January 2008