Online Consumer Trust: Trends in Research

This study highlights trust models, technological and social factors impacting online trust


This paper presents the literature review of studies published in 2004-2014 (Web 2.0 period) in the area of consumer online trust. Based on the content analysis of 138 papers, this study highlights 3 major research: themes:

  1. trust models
  2. technological
  3. social factors impacting online trust.

It also explores topics in each major theme found in direct studies of online consumer trust. Since this literature review uses the concept-centric approach, it points out not only the major trends in research but also 3 understudied areas: green trust, trust recovery, and the role of ethics in developing online trust.

This is an output from the ‘Delivering Inclusive Financial Development and Growth’ project


Bauman, Antonina, & Bachmann, Reinhard. (2017). Online Consumer Trust: Trends in Research. Journal of technology management & innovation, 12(2), 68-79. 

Online Consumer Trust: Trends in Research

Published 31 July 2017