Ogni O Jol (Fire and Water)


Ogni o Jol is a collection of short stories about the journeys of change in women's lives. The book contains 11 stories by writers such as Selina Hossain, Audity Falguni, Shahanaz Munni, Jharna Rahman, Papree Rahman, Moni Haider, Tanvir Malik, Munasir Kamal and many more. The collection is unique not only due to the diversity of writers who have contributed to the book, but also because of the different ways each of the authors has transformed the real life stories of women into fiction. The writers of this book had taken part in the Stories4Changing Writing Project, which was a series of creative writing workshops where writers were provided research case studies from the Pathways Programme which they successfully spurned into fiction. The collection is edited by Shamim Azad, poet and writer, and jointly published by Mowla Brothers and BRAC University Press. The book is available for sale from Mowla Brothers at Tk. 200.


Azad, S. Ogni O Jol (Fire and Water). Mowla Brothers, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2011) 152 pp. ISBN 9847015602291

Ogni O Jol (Fire and Water)

Published 1 January 2011