NRSP Project Communication Plan Guidelines - Research Projects


These guidelines were developed to assist project teams to identify, plan and manage their communication activities as an integral part of their NRSP research project and to help NRSP interact with its projects on communications activities and to monitor and evaluate project progress and achievement for these activities.

Part 1 provides information to help project teams answer 10 key communication questions as they plan, implement and present their communication activities from the start of the project to completion. This information is presented with respect to each question at three stages of an NRSP project (Proposal, Inception and Mid-term Review).

Part 2 gives Examples based on communication work from other NRSP projects and assignments selected to help project teams think about the detail of what needs to be considered and how to document it. These examples can be adapted by project teams to assist them to develop and document their Communication Plan (CP).

Part 3 lists resources that project teams will find useful in carrying out the various processes needed for developing their CP. These include: guidelines on how to develop a CP; examples of CPs from other NRSP projects; and guidelines on specific kinds of activities such as developing a website or carrying out a survey on the communication context of stakeholders.


Natural Resources Systems Programme, HTS Development Ltd, Hemel Hempstead, UK, 30 pp.

NRSP Project Communication Plan Guidelines - Research Projects

Published 1 January 2003