Non-Wood Forest Products 13. Resource assessment of non-wood forest products. Experience and biometric principles


This publication is intended as reference material for practitioners considering an inventory of non-wood forest product (NWFP) resources. Through review and analysis of experience it provides an overview of biometric issues in the design of NWFP in the following areas:
1. A description of the range of approaches used and developed to date and their biometric adequacy
2. A suggested method for selecting appropriate biometric methods for resource quantification in different situations and for different products.

In addition to French and Spanish versions of this reference manual seven reviews of it that were published in various journals are also attached to this record.


FAO, Rome, Italy, ISBN 92-5- 104614-X, xvi + 110 pp. [Also available in French and Spanish]

  • [ZF0077-_Evaluacion_de_los_recursos_de_productos_forestales_no_madereros_experiencia_y_principios.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Evaluation_des_ressources_en_produits_forestiers_non_ligneux.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Resource_assessment_of_non-wood_forest_products_experience_and_biometric_principles.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Review_in_East_African_Wild_Life_Society.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Review_in_Forest_Science.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Review_in_Indian_Forester_No._2.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Review_in_Non-wood_news_No._9.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Review_in_Southern_African_Journal-No.193.pdf](
  • [ZF0077-_Review_in_The_International_Forestry_Review.pdf](
  • [Zf0077-_Review_in_Unasylva.pdf](
Published 1 January 2001