Nigeria talks climate

This research consisted of focus-group discussions and in-depth interviews with opinion leaders from government and religious institutions


From May to September 2008, the BBC World Service Trust’s Research and Learning Group, on behalf of the British Council, conducted research in Nigeria to gauge public understanding of climate change. The research consisted of 24 focus-group discussions with Nigerian citizens, as well as 31 in-depth interviews with opinion leaders from government, religious institutions, the private sector, the media and civil society. The overall objective was to find out what people think about climate change, and how to tailor communication and media strategies to support Nigeria’s response to climate change. Key findings and recommendations are presented in this report. It is found that most Nigeriansi do not understand the science of climate change, but have, however, noticed changes in the weather and seasons.


Cooke, S.; Mohammed, A. Nigeria talks climate. BBC World Service Trust, London, UK (2010) 15 pp.

Nigeria talks climate

Published 1 January 2010