New Skills Bring New Opportunities: Developing an Information Literacy Skills programme at the University of Zimbabwe


In 2004, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) developed the Information Literacy Program to empower students so that they would be able to transform information and create knowledge to solve problems. This was in line with the UZ’s 2003-2007 strategic thrust whose emphasis was 'to take a distinct lead in the area of producing graduates who are competent in ICT…. every student who goes through the UZ is to pass at least one compulsory course in Information and Communication Technology, irrespective of discipline being studied' (University of Zimbabwe, 2003-2007).

The timing of the InfoLit programme was perfect as it would greatly contribute to the literacy and ICT competencies of the students. This paper traces the historical development of the InfoLit programme, the process of implementation, the challenges faced, lessons learnt and the way forward.


INASP, Oxford, UK, 4 pp.

Published 1 January 2010