Needle diseases of pines in Nepal


Brown-needle disease (Mycosphaerella gibsonii) is reported from Nepal on indigenous Pinus roxburghii and P. wallichiana, and on several exotic pines. It apparently causes most damage to nursery plants at 400-2000 m altitude, but can remain serious on saplings of P. roxburghii, P. caribaea and P. oocarpa in plantations. Dothistroma needle blight (Mycosphaerella pini) is also reported, on P. wallichiana near Daman, at 2000 m altitude. Needle-rust diseases also occur quite frequently on both P. roxburghii and P. wallichiana, but are considered unlikely to cause serious damage.


Ivory, M.H. Needle diseases of pines in Nepal. Banko janakari (1990) 2 (3) 209-212.

Needle diseases of pines in Nepal

Published 1 January 1990