Multiple livelihoods and socio-economic differentiation in a context of rapid political and institutional change. Final report.


The project's objectives were: (1) To analyse socio-economic differentiation in two densely populated but relatively remote (former 'homeland') areas of South Africa; (2) To identify the intervening socio-economic, political and institutional variables that affect efforts to alleviate poverty through improved livelihood opportunities; and (3) To develop a distinctive combination of methods for the study of multiple household livelihoods as they change over time, and for relating changes at the micro-level to changes at the macro-level. First-hand investigation was undertaken in two different regions of the country: 'greater' Qwaqwa, in the north-eastern corner of the Free State Province, and Madibogo, in Central District of North West Province. Background, methods, findings (in terms of poverty and differentiation; livelihood strategies; institutions and vulnerabilities), applications and dissemination, are outlined.


DFID, London, UK, 7 pp.

Published 1 January 2001