Multilateral Development Banks’ integrity management systems



What is considered best practice when it comes to the content and scope of the efforts against corruption in multilateral development banks? Are there any studies on anti-corruption in the multilateral development banks, and specifically in the African Development Bank?


Although few studies focus on corruption risks in multilateral development banks, there is a broad consensus that corruption affects MDBs financed projects in all sectors. MDBs have started addressing these issues by developing “zero tolerance” anti-corruption policies, reviewing internal procedures, setting up fraud and corruption investigative bodies, and supporting partner countries’ anti-corruption initiatives. In line with other MDBs’ initiatives, the African Development Bank (AFDB)’s efforts have focussed on strengthening its anti-corruption framework along four major dimensions, namely prevention, detection, investigation and sanctions.


Chêne, M. Multilateral Development Banks’ integrity management systems. U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, CMI, Bergen, Norway (2010) 10 pp. [U4 Expert Answer 264]

Multilateral Development Banks’ integrity management systems

Published 1 January 2010