Multi-year humanitarian funding in Pakistan

This report assesses the contribution of MYHF to go beyond response to immediate needs and help build longer term resilience


The central question assessed in this report is about the potential contribution of Multi-year humanitarian funding (MYHF) to go beyond response to immediate needs and help build longer term resilience, which in theory would decrease future needs for humanitarian response in Pakistan. Rather than answering this question by assessing the actual impact of projects financed through MYHF, the research set out to understand the factors that shape the vulnerability and resilience of different people.

A study of these factors, outlined in section 3 of this paper, was combined with analysis of the interventions planned for the multi-year humanitarian programming (MYHP) with other humanitarian aid programmes in the areas to assess how far interventions funded through the humanitarian system can address the factors that shape vulnerability and resilience. It also looked at how far a multi-year dimension to such funding can make a difference in the degree to which such programming is an effective or appropriate vehicle for building resilience. This analysis is presented in sections 4 and 5 of this paper.

This report is part of ‘Building resilience and responding to crises in fragile and conflict-affected states: A thematic evaluation of DFID’s multi-year approaches to chronic/protracted humanitarian crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan and Pakistan’ programme


Levine, S. and Kusnierek, A. (2019); Multi-year humanitarian funding in Pakistan; London: ODI; pp 48

Multi-year humanitarian funding in Pakistan

Published 10 July 2019