Monitoring and Evaluating the RALF Programme: A Report to ICARDA


This report (structured around six sections) develops a set of proposals for the monitoring of the component projects of RALF (Research in Alternative Livelihoods Fund). These proposals are designed to improve the learning that can be gained from the implementation of the individual projects both with respect to their own specific purpose and goal as well as the broader RALF outputs and purpose. At the time of the report most of the RALF projects had monitoring frameworks focused more on accountability concerns rather than learning and were weak in addressing the linkages between outputs and more complex outcomes relevant to the programme purpose.

An annex is also included with the report which contains an analysis of the RALF Round 01 Projects:

  • Village Decision Driven Research Project.
  • Introduction, Evaluation and Promotion of Appropriate Crop Legumes and Vegetables for Eastern Afghanistan (CLVEA).
  • Restorative Agriculture and Rural Economy Research Project.
  • Innovative financial mechanisms for improving the livelihoods of rural Afghans currently economically dependent on opium poppy.
  • Marketing of livestock and livestock products: Market demand, potential returns to producers and constraints to market access.
  • Improved rural incomes from better forage production and sales of milk products.
  • Western Afghanistan Agroenterprise Action Research Program.


RALF, ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria, 23 pp.

Published 1 January 2005