Modern Energy - impact on micro-enterprise. Final Report.


This DFID research project evolved over a period of four years to have a range of key focus areas. In essence, it set out to investigate whether prospects for poverty reduction, through emplyment and income generation opportunities in micro-enterprises, can be created or enhanced by the provision of modern energy services. In the context of this research, modern energy is the provision of electricity, and a micro-enterprise is defined as a business employing less than ten people.

Initially planned for both South Africa and India, delays in the electrification of communities in India led to all project resources being redirected to South Africa, enabling an additional post-electrification survey to be conducted 2 years after electrification. The project took place in a poor urban community and a rural community. The introduction of electricity in these communities had a significant impact on the number, type and collective volume of micro-enterprise activity. The findings are detailed in this report.


Didcot, UK: AEA Energy, 100 pp.

Modern Energy - impact on micro-enterprise. Final Report.

Published 1 January 2007