Mobilising Finance for Infrastructure - Regional Infrastructure Study


This report was produced as part of a wide-ranging research programme funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) exploring the factors constraining the provision of private finance to support infrastructure investment in DFID's focus countries. It investigates the differences that may arise when regional infrastructure is considered, as opposed to national infrastructure: this definition is interpreted as those infrastructure developments that would only be viable as multi-country projects (and could not be undertaken by one country alone), or those national projects that have the potential for great “external” benefits, i.e. for countries other than that of the project host. The study provides background on the policy context for the development of regional projects in Africa; an overview of the main transactions that have taken place across the different infrastructure sectors; and then sets out the findings on the main factors constraining increased private finance for regional projects, and how these differ from those faced by national projects. These conclusions are based on desk-based research and on five consultations held on this topic, as well as drawing on the research and consultations undertaken as part of CEPA’s work for DFID’s Africa Regional Department on regional project preparation facilities, undertaken in early 2015.


Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA). Mobilising Finance for Infrastructure - Regional Infrastructure Study. Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA), London, UK (2015) 42 pp.

Mobilising Finance for Infrastructure - Regional Infrastructure Study

Published 1 January 2015