Mobilising Finance for Infrastructure - Policy Report


This report was produced as part of a wide-ranging research programme funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) exploring the factors constraining the provision of private finance to support infrastructure investment in DFID’s focus countries.

It presents supplementary research that provides more detail on the options that could be used to mobilise private finance for infrastructure that are summarised in the Draft Final Report for this research. The paper considers policy options for addressing upstream issues, including increasing government commitment to PPP, before turning to potential structures to improve bankability, and to mobilise international and local finance.

The objective of the analysis is to provide options for policy makers to consider that could in the long term enable private capital to flow to projects without support from either donors or governments, thus removing a major constraint to the supply of capital and where this is not possible, to mobilise private capital in a way that minimises risks to government as a result of any commitments that need to be made to investors and lenders.


Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA). Mobilising Finance for Infrastructure - Policy Report. Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA), London, UK (2015) 64 pp.

Mobilising Finance for Infrastructure - Policy Report

Published 1 January 2015