Mint-ing Money


An ICARDA-led project to develop mint production in Afghanistan is described. The mint project began by identifying potential markets, followed by introduction of the appropriate technologies for production and value addition. It promoted these technologies through demonstrations and awareness campaigns; and provided training, equipment and technical support to enable mint producers to use the technologies effectively and profitably.

Empowerment of women is a key project objective. Over 5000 women have been trained on how to produce mint water and dried mint at home. The project has helped establish an all-women cooperative in Kabul and a similar one has been established in Kunduz.

Two development and training centers for mint and mint products have been established: at the Badambagh Research Station of the Ministry of Agriculture (in March 2006), and at Kabul University (June 2007).

The next step will be to scale up production of mint oil.


Rizvi, J.; Muzaffar Athar; Khalid Wadan; Wazir Gul Rasouli. Mint-ing Money. (2007)

Mint-ing Money

Published 1 January 2007