Minor irrigation design: DROP - design manual


The package

The manual and the program were developed together and are structured in a similar way. However, the manual may be used independently of the software. The first part of each is devoted to the hydraulics of energy dissipation. Following this the package presents a range of standard structures drawn from world practice.

What it covers

Hydraulics of energy dissipating structures

The ways in which various different types of structure dissipate energy are analysed. Principal hydraulic parameters such as specific energy, momentum, critical depth, Froude number and the characteristics of hydraulic jumps are presented.

Energy dissipating structures: standard designs

Selected type designs and a flow chart are presented to assist designers in the selection of a design, taking account of factors such as:

Ease of construction & the availability of construction materials

Performance in systems carrying sediment, debris or weeds

Ability to perform other functions such as bridging

Possible health hazards arising from ponded water


Skutsch, J. Minor irrigation design: DROP - design manual. HR Wallingford, UK (1997) 82 pp.

Minor irrigation design: DROP - design manual

Published 1 January 1997