Migration in South Asia in Policy and Practice: A Regional Overview.


This research project considered the hypothesis: with globalisation, international migration is becoming increasingly important in South Asia in both economic and social terms. This report consists of three sections, each focused on the hypotheses put forward in the original research proposal and entitled: The scale of migration in South Asia; The impact on social and economic development; and Policy and migration in South Asia. Each of the hypotheses are tested as originally proposed, through the presentation and analysis of the statistical data and research literature, looking as much as possible at the last three decades. In addition a number of examples are given of how a broader perspective could add to the analysis. In the first section, on the scale of international migration, the preliminary analysis is placed in the contexts of the history of migration, regional migration and movements of refugees. In the second section, on impacts, a comparison is made between participation in and impacts of international, and internal and regional migration to better understand the links between migration and poverty. In the third section, on policy, sending country policy is placed in the context of receiving country policies and the effects on the rights of migrants.


DFID, London, UK, 97 pp.

Published 1 January 2002