Migration DRC Training Day. Migration Policies: UK Perspectives in a Global Context. London, UK, 22nd January 2010.


This day was designed to give those who are involved with migration management policies, a chance to take a look at migration from different perspectives and to learn about current academic approaches and thinking. Each session allowed participants to hear new findings from research, share experiences with colleagues from different ministries and organisations, and participate in roundtable activities designed to stimulate thinking on this issue. The day was led by Richard Black, director of the Migration DRC and each session was introduced by academics with experience of drawing out aspects of their work which directly address the questions currently facing policymakers.

Attached to this output record are the meeting report, programme, further reading and participant lists. Also provided are pdf files of powerpoint presentations:

  • Introductory quiz
  • Making migration work for development: a UK perspective
    Richard Black, Sussex Centre for Migration Research
  • Irregular status and the migration experience
    Rachel Sabates-Wheeler, Institute of Development Studies
  • The global economic downturn, migration and labour market flexibility

    Ronald Skeldon, Sussex Centre for Migration Research

  • Developmental effects of return
    Mike Collyer, Sussex Centre for Migration Research


Published 1 January 2010