Migration and Social Protection: Exploring Issues of Portability and Access. Conference report, 5-6 November 2008, University of Sussex, UK.


Part of the work of the Migration DRC investigates legal and physical access to social security for migrants from a number of African countries to the UK and also regional migration within SADC and ECOWAS. Other work focuses on the coping strategies of migrants at both international and country levels. The DRC organised a conference which brought together over 40 international participants, including academics and practitioners, as well as policymakers from both governmental and international bodies. The event profiled current research on migration and social protection, including Migration DRC research, reviewed good practice and explored policy options in this area.

Attached documents are an overview of the conference, the programme, abstracts and participant list. Session themes in the conference were: Portability regimes and formal provisions; Migrants and Host Welfare Systems; Policy frameworks; Conceptualising Access; Overcoming Constraints at Destination; and Social Protection in Source Country and for Returnees.

A link is provided to the meeting website, where some of the conference presentations can be downloaded.


Published 1 January 2008