Migration and Health in South Asia: Recommendations


The Migration and Health in South Asia project examined whether the lack of social protection and deprived economic conditions was responsible for poor physical, mental, and reproductive health among cross-border and internal migrants and their families in South Asia (India (destination), Nepal (origin) and Bangladesh (origin)). The linked document outlines the following eight project recommendations:

  • Ensure procedural and structural support for migrants
  • Create awareness among migrants regarding Indian financial and social protection services
  • Provide a regular system for migrants to send remittances to their native place
  • Create awareness about health-care services
  • Provide individual and community-level interventions to address spousal violence
  • Offer vocational training or skill development programs in migrants’ countries of origin
  • Develop a mechanism for governments to protect migrants’ rights
  • Provide support for reintegration and rehabilitation of returnee migrants.


Anon. Migration and Health in South Asia: Recommendations. Population Council, New Delhi, India (2015) 2 pp.

Migration and Health in South Asia: Recommendations

Published 1 January 2015