Microdata Cataloging Tool (NADA)


NADA is a web-based cataloging system that serves as a portal for researchers to browse, search, compare, apply for access, and download relevant census or survey information. It was originally developed to support the establishment of national survey data archives. The application is used by a diverse and growing number of national, regional, and international organizations. NADA, as with other IHSN tools, uses the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI), XML-based international metadata standard.

This software is used internally at the World Bank to facilitate the acquisition, documentation and dissemination of microdata in the Bank’s Microdata Library. It has also been integrated into the NADA application developed by DECDG for the International Household Survey Network (NADA, currently in version 4.1). The Data Deposit System is an optional component of this software. The IHSN is now expanding the scope of this software, and is further developing it to transform it into a web-based metadata editor. NADA is available at http://www.ihsn.org/home/software/nada and the source code (open source) is published through GitHub.


World Bank. Microdata Cataloging Tool (NADA). The World Bank - International Household Survey Network (IHSN), Washington DC, USA (2013)

Microdata Cataloging Tool (NADA)

Published 1 January 2013