Market chain analysis.


This study investigated the transactions and interactions among different categories of actors in the rice and okra market chains located within the project sites. A wider view was taken by including the functional aspects of both chains together with the business organisations, supporting services, and the economic framework within which the market chains operated. Within this context, the identified actors were grouped into four functional areas: production, post-harvest / processing, trading, and business development services.

Results of the analyses revealed the different problems being faced by each group of actors in the respective chains. These problems were prioritised through the pair wise ranking methodology. The consolidated limitations of the market chains indicated that access to funds, competitions from imported rice; preservation / storage, limited market were common problems militating against improvements in the enterprises. However, field observations showed that the participants also need some drastic changes in their approaches to business. Appropriate recommendations were made.


Osotimehin, K. 2005. Market chain analysis. Annex I of the Final Technical Report of project R8390 Ile-Ife, Nigeria: Obafemi Awolowo University. 42 pp.

Market chain analysis.

Published 1 January 2005