Marginalization in urban China : comparative perspectives


Marginalization in urban China is a consequence of the processes that constrain the disadvantaged from making a claim to citizenship. This book provides insights into marginalization in Chinese cities, and enriches social inequality research by creating comparative perspectives on property right changes, rural to urban migration, the role of the state and welfare restructuring. It covers a wide range of topics such as social inequality and the polarization debates, neoliberalism and the urban poor, urbanization, citizenship and property rights, residential segregation, and reemployment training. The contributors draw on their extensive experiences in urban inequality research to highlight that marginalization in urban China is related to constrained rights rather than deserted 'outcasts'. They base their analyses on up-to-date empirical materials from in-depth interviews, quantitative social surveys, and detailed population census data, which have not been disclosed on such a detailed geographical scale before.


Wu, F.; Webster, C. Marginalization in urban China : comparative perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan, (2010) 336 pp. ISBN 9780230237728

Marginalization in urban China : comparative perspectives

Published 1 January 2010