Mapping UK Muslim Development NGOs.


Relatively little information is available in the public realm about the values and ways of operating of UK-based Muslim organizations working in the field of relief and development, or their relationships with government and other organizations. This mapping of UK Muslim NGOs sought to address this basic knowledge gap, by identifying information and exploring variables such as their mission, size, networks, programmatic and geographical foci. In addition, some broader observations about the role and relevance of this type of faith-based organization are made.

The purpose of this descriptive mapping exercise of the work of Muslim charitable or development organisations in the UK is to outline what and where they are, what general categories may be distinguished, what they do, and what special generic features they represent. To highlight these features, short 'snapshots' of some organizations are included.

The study focuses on organizations engaged in relief and/or development, which includes programmes aimed at tackling poverty in middle to low income countries. The mapping sought to identify the nature of the interventions, assessing the extent to which they resemble and/or are linked to similar activities in the mainstream relief and development sector.


Working Paper No. 30, Religions and Development Research Programme, University of Birmingham, ISBN: 978-0-7044-2761-7, 29 pp.

Mapping UK Muslim Development NGOs.

Published 1 January 2009