Mapping climate vulnerability and poverty in Africa


The work described in this report is part of a much larger activity that has involved DFID in commissioning several studies on the issue of climate change and appropriate research for development. It is intended to help throw some light on the question, where geographically in sub-Saharan Africa might research resources be concentrated to address effectively the issues of the poor and vulnerable in the face of inevitable climate change.

The report comprises an executive summary, background to the project, its objectives and activities, and then sections on climate impacts in sub-Saharan Africa, and poverty and vulnerability (with information on data and analysis, identification of hotspots of change, and uncertainties in the analysis for both sections), a section on user needs (survey of information needs of potential users of vulnerability data, and prospects for a decision support toolbox for assessing impacts on household vulnerability), followed by the conclusions.

Following the text of the main report, there is a series of notes on different topics of relevance to different issues, which provide more details on several key aspects of vulnerability impact assessment concepts, methods and tools.


Mapping climate vulnerability and poverty in Africa, Report to the Department for International Development, ILRI, Kenya, 171 pp.

Mapping climate vulnerability and poverty in Africa

Published 1 January 2006