Manual del usuario del EPCP [EPCP user Manual]


This book presents the theory and practice of Participatory Approach in Production Chain (PAPC), so that those interested can apply this methodology in their work contexts. This document is the product of many constructive and intensive discussions involving a large number of members of research and development (R&D) organizations in various countries. It is aimed at researchers, development practitioners, R&D project leaders, policy makers, teachers, students, leaders of producers associations and entrepreneurs.


Bernet, T.; Thiele, G.; Zschocke, T.; López, G.; Velasco, C.; Devaux, A. Manual del usuario del EPCP [EPCP user Manual]. Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP) – Papa Andina, Lima, Peru (2011) 170 pp. ISBN 978-92-9060-399-3 [In Spanish]

Manual del usuario del EPCP [EPCP user Manual]

Published 1 January 2011